“Thank you for your great ideas! I enjoyed the examples you shared. I will try to raise my expectations – especially my GT-ers. Thanks for recognizing the journey – the process.” —From Professional Development day: Classroom Management

"Mrs. Boswell,
There are so many of us Minority Students whose lives you have touched and impacted in a positive way. We Migrant students always looked forward to your class because you made us feel "special", you made us feel as if we belonged and had a place. Because of you a lot of us are now better off. Because of you...our horizons are no longer on the fields. As you know I joined the Service and am now retired. I want to thank you. I want to thank you, for introducing me to poetry. I continue to write, published or not, I enjoy it and it is all because of you!!
Bless you!" —From a grateful Student

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